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“ A Second Life ”

A Second Life


  • Restyled, Kidney-Shaped, newly tiled, and Pebble Tec'd pool and spa
  • Beautiful outdoor room in old style Spanish stucco
  • Wonderful harmony of stone, flower and water, with urn fountain and lily lanterns from the Nick Williams Outdoor Lighting Collection
  • Outdoor TV

A Second Life

How do you take a typical backyard lawn with a small patio and standard kidney-shaped pool and turn it into a paradise? You ask Nick Williams and Associates to work their magic with a beautiful new design that turns the simple arbor into a rustic outdoor room in Spanish-style stucco. Here wide open beams support the overhead roof above a warm hearth with a wood mantle and old-style cabinets.

A Second Life

Elsewhere small stone walls repeat the inlaid tiling around the hearth and provide quiet sitting areas adjacent to lush vegetation. A sedate, sturdy urn doubles as a fountain that gurgles and bubbles, creating a soothing ambience. An overhead structure was built that also became a deck for the upstairs master bedroom where French doors were added to provide access to a new upstairs outdoor patio. A place for an outdoor TV was created next to the fireplace, providing an outdoor entertaining and dining space.

A Second Life

A wonderful little barbecue area was added in the side yard, with the back yard now wrapping around the side of the house. Plants and flowers bloom in purple and red to fringe the lawn area, which is now accented by beautiful sandstone boulders and Lily shaped lanterns from the Nick Williams Outdoor Lighting Collection, that cast a warm glow on the stone in the evenings. A stone walkway leads from the outdoor room to the pool, where one side was tiered up in three gentle stone steps that lead to an adjacent spa. The addition of trees and flowers and natural stone completely transform the pool area giving it an elegant artistic quality. Attention to detail here makes all the difference in this design, where the eye is drawn to the small details, the placement of stone and flower and outdoor lamps. All in all, what once was a quiet unremarkable suburban backyard has now been given a second life in this beautifully redesigned landscape.

It is so often the small things, the little touches here and there, that Nick adds in to his designs that make all the difference, like a fountain in the middle of the yard, low seating walls, outdoor lighting, textured plants…

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