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Jack Lee
Morning and Evening Meditation.

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Evening and Morning Meditations - (Current music selection on website)


Long-time friend of over thirty years, David is a gifted (and I might add, Grammy-nominated) musician whose music has inspired me for years in my design process.

Sketches from an American Journey
On Saturday mornings, I perform what we call at our house my "Saturday Design Ritual". I awaken early in the morning, light a fire in my outdoor patio fireplace, spread out my work on my outside work table, and turn on David's music. Now I realize this may sound a little heady for some, but the energy I receive from being in that space and the inspiration I receive from those heavenly notes emanating from my CD player somehow come together with a force of synergy that simply never fails me in my state of creation.
This CD, Sketches from an American Journey, is only a sample of David's works, and we will be featuring others throughout the year. His music is available through The Collection, and can also be found in music stores under New Age Music. For your listening pleasure...

--Nick Williams

Valley in The Clouds

Sketches from an American Journey

"Touring as a musician routinely puts me face-to-face with lots of the country's great landscapes, both natural and cultivated. They continue to move me, quiet me, lift my spirits, and inspire me. Lately they motivated me to create the music on this disc. For all they've meant to me and done for me, and for who knows how many earlier generations of people, it seemed like the fitting thing to do."

-David Arkenstone for pricing and ordering.

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