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Press and Awards


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Nick Williams' Natural Style Pool, as seen opposite the Editor's Letter

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Sunset Covers Stories


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Proudly we mention that this door was featured in an article in Sunset Magazine, and subsequently became one of their signature photos, appearing in their ad depicting the four seasons of Sunset. Along with the patina finish viewed in this photo, El Portal is also available in a rust-colored finish.


El Portal

I once had a realtor tell me that the front yard landscaping was the first thing that a person saw when looking at a home for sale - imagine, visually they didn't even see the house! But what happens when they finally decide that they do want to see the house?
Have you ever thought about what your front door "says" to people on the outside about the people who are living on the inside? How does it look? What does it feel like? Think of it as a symbolic portal to who you are and what you want to say to the world.
While we realize this door may not work with every style home, some may find it the perfect solution for continuing their garden experience over the threshold of transition to their indoor living space.
Don't be afraid to open the door of perception to good design!

--Nick Williams


These uniquely designed entry and interior doors have been painted with a metal coating and aged to a beautiful luminescent patina, creating a magical entry way for your home. Available in copper patina or antique iron rust-color.

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Create the Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams: An Interview with Nick Williams of Nick Williams Design - Article in Southern California Homes

See Nick's interview on Southern California Homes, one of the top sites for California homes for sale, as well as New Mexico real estate, Northern California real estate and Los Angeles, CA homes for sale: "Create the Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams."


See a Nick Williams Pool in The Worlds Greatest Pools, Sponsored by Pebble Technology

Nick Williams Pool in The Worlds Greatest Pools
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Nicks pool is under Volume 3 and second pool in and titled Nick Williams Camarillo CA Maggie Nandy.


See the New Nick Williams Lighting Article in Landscape Architect and Specifier News: Title Candle Light Design.

Candle Light Design
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Fall on Nick Williams and the Article Down the Garden Path

Down the Garden Path
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The Nick Williams Collection

The Nick Williams Collection
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The Nick Williams Outdoor Garden Accessory Collection

The Nick Williams Outdoor Garden Accessory Collection
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Press and Awards
Nick Williams' designs featured in new book

Dream Pools by Deborah K. Dietsch

Sunset Magazine | Other Periodicals | Awards


Home Wizards

Listen to Cindy Dole interview with Nick Williams »


Sunset Magazine

Press and Awards For more information about the August 2002 Sunset Magazine feature on Nick Williams' backyard design, click at left.

Press and Awards
  • "Designing with succulents" & "Fantasy gardens" [2002 Spring/Summer Garden Guide - 2 articles]
  • "Hilltop Haven" [2000 Feb]
  • "New life for old pools" [1999 June]
  • Sunset Magazine's Idea Gardens [1999 May]
  • "Western home wing wall & wine wall" [1994 June]
  • "Privacy on a busy street" [1993 Nov]
  • "A new aged garden" [1993 Sept]
  • "Hillside decks make the most of sloping sites" [1993 July]
  • "Recontoured yard used recycled soil in barn" [1993 June]
  • "The changing western home" [1993 May]
  • "Southern California dream store?" [1993 May]
  • "Built-in headboards as bedroom sculptures" [1993 Feb]
  • "These pools invite you to wade in" [1992 July]
  • "This oasis is a spa retreat" [1992 June]
  • "They carved terraces for spa, lap pool, sandbox" [1990 September]
  • "Poolside barbecue" & "inground pool" [1988 Summer]
  • "New look for old pools" [1988 July]
  • "Brick-lined pizza oven" [1988 May]
  • "Behind the wall, a quieter entry garden" [1987 March]
  • "Their own Acapulco swim-up bar" [1986 August]
  • "Splish Splash Shoot" [1986 June]
  • "What a Dozen Volunteers Can Do in One Weekend" [1982 July]

Sunset Magazine's non-dated Articles

  • "Chinese smoker oven"
  • "Walls, boulders, ferns...instead of ivy"
  • "Remodel an A frame? It's a challenge."
  • "Grand landscape made room for turnaround and parking"
  • "Stuccoed column overhead" & "Big post, big beam, plenty of open sky" [2 articles in Sunset Magazine's Patio, Roofs and Gazebos]
  • "Gazebos, back yard temples, and other friendly garden gathering places"
  • "They made the most of only 22 feet"
  • "Plants, stone and multiple levels gives a more natural look"
  • "Miracles" [Sunset Magazine's Ideas for Great Patios and Decks]
  • "Learning to live with bad concrete"
  • Sunset Magazine's Patio Roofs and Gazebos

Press and AwardsFor more information about the L.A. Times Living Section feature on Nick Williams' backyard design, click at left.

Other Periodicals

  • Organic Gardening Magazine [Dec/Jan 2010 / 2011] | A layered Approach Click to view » (Press and Awards, 1,23mb)
  • Los Angeles Times [2001 March] | Turning Lifestyles Inside Out
  • Architectural Digest [2001]
  • Pasadena Star News [2000 April] | "A source of inspiration"
  • Women's Day Ideas Series [1996 June] | Additions and Decks
  • Ventura County's Home Living Newspaper [1993 Oct] | "Labor of love replaces blah with classic"
  • Valley Magazine Home and Lifestyle [1993 March | "The tale of two landscapes"
  • Valley Magazine Home and Lifestyle [1992 Sept] | "Boundless Backyards"
  • Practical Homeowner [1989 Nov] | "Driveways that deliver"
  • Home and Garden Magazine [1989 Nov] | "Canyon country"
  • Practical Homeowner [1989 Aug] | "Island in the sun"
  • Garden Idea & Outdoor Living Magazine [1989 Summer] | "Lap lane"
  • Home and Garden Magazine [1989 March] | "Sensational pools & spas"
  • Better Homes & Gardens [1988 June] | "A kennel with class"
  • Homeowner [1988 May] | "Front of house rejuvenation"
  • Home Magazine [1988 March] | "Landscaping for curb appeal"
  • Family Circle [May 1978] | "Getting a lot for a little backyard"


  • Sunset Magazine's 2000 Western Garden Design Awards "Award of Excellence"
  • Honorary NAWIC Member, October 1995 "San Fernando Valley Chapter 153"
  • 15th Annual Western Pool and Spa Show [1993] "1st Place on Best Design of Remodeled Pool"
  • National Spa and Pool Institute Design [1993] "Best Residential Concrete Pool"
  • National Spa and Pool Institute Design Award [1991-1992] " Refreshment to the Mind", "Quiet Beauty", "Delight to the eye".
  • Annual Western Pool and Spa Show [1987] "3rd Place on Residential Pool Category"
  • Ventura County Fair Floriculture Center - 1st Place
  • L.A. Beautiful Award

Ventura County Fair [California]

  • "Best Design"
  • "Best of Division" (2 times)
  • "Best Original Design"
  • "1st Place Feature Display" (2 times)
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