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Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

If you love the look of natural stone but are concerned about the cost and complications of design and installation, consider Stone Veneer.

We've searched many years, far and wide, to find a quality veneer, and finally found the MOST believable in look and texture. Custom-made and molded to rich detail, it is designed and produced in modular pieces. Less expensive than real stone and easy to install, you can take pleasure in the timeless setting that is created in your home by stone masonry.

Use it for small areas, like the surfaces of a Cooking Island or Fireplace, or apply it to entire walls of your home, inside and out. Specially shaped Trim Stones can be used to embellish openings and doorways, and highlight focal points. Any way you choose, this Stone Veneer, with its textures and colors, will add dramatic yet natural effects to your home and garden design.

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Stone Veneer This coarse stone lends a feeling of the formality characteristic of the buildings throughout Santa Barbara.

  • Thick, large scale, rough-faced blocks, with a tan sandstone texture
  • Uniform in height - 12" - with lengths from 12" to 30"

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